Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cooking from Blogs is as Good as it Gets

Our Fargo-apartment search continues today. Matthew is "running" to Fargo with the intention of signing a lease - somewhere. I guess the "somewhere" is always worrisome. He wants to know he has a place to live come July 1. I want to know he has (ahem) a safe, well-kept place to live. It's the hovering-helicopter-Mom in me and I don't apologize for it. I was handed the Gresio worry gene and I have stopped fighting it.
So to avoid further thoughts on apartments and the fact that people could only meet with him between 4 and 5 p.m. (how many apartments can you see - miles apart in the space of an hour?), my thoughts turn to food. I am a classic case of someone using food for every emotional reason that exists.
I was thinking of all the meals I have made this past winter that came from blogs. I thought I would do a brief wrap-up of the joys of cooking from blogs. I am thinking I will do it monthly now. I did not take many photos (I remain photo-challenged. This along with emotional eating and worry genes just serves up my flaws on a huge dinner platter - but there you are.) I will strive to do better. If anyone would like to join me during the third week in May writing of some wonderful meals created from other blogs, join in the fun. I will only post monthly (third week of the month so we can wrap up the month with some new recipes) so if inclined - by all means send your stuff along! It is not a commitment - just drop by if you wish. Coffee will be brewing and wine uncorked - depending (or not) on the time of day.
Heather's Orange Shrimp (from Diary of a Fanatic Foodie) was a hit. Nothing left. Not one piece of shrimp. I served it over rice and there was nary a morsel of grain to be found.

The addictive Orange/Walnut/Chocolate Chip Muffins from Food Blogga disappeared as well.

The Warm Spinach and Frisee Salad from Sara's Kitchen is the best I have ever had. As were her Scallops with Fennel Pollen - although I never did find the fennel pollen. It will need to be mail ordered.
I celebrated St. Patrick's Day with Five Star Foodie's Glazed Corned Beef and ended a dinner party with her Meyer Lemon Cream Crepes (people wept).
The Chicken Tortilla Soup at Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice has been made twice in the last two weeks. I love the lime. I love the ease and I love that it gets scarfed up. I am eyeing her spaghetti and meatballs today - it is likely to start getting warmer and that dish disappears until fall. So, maybe the red sauce has its last hurrah today!
Elyse's Strawberry Bread (a Bread to Bring you Luck) at Confectionary Creations was the perfect introduction of spring food to my table. And I never turn down a little luck.
The Big Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies from Donna FFW's My Tasty Treasures was the first thing I cooked from that wonderful blog. I'm still cooking and the barbecue ribs on the same posting are great.
Cheese Tortellini with Walnut Pesto from Cooking in Cleveland was devoured. And it is so easy to make. I am currently watching her gardening process - she has so many clever ideas.
I was inspired by Cream Puffs in Venice to go back to my magazines and create my own Hummus. It did not disappoint. My kids had no idea I could make hummus! (After it finally made its way into the Midwest - I bought it instead of making it. It is so easy. I am back to making it.)
The easy, healthy and scrumptious Carrot Salad accompanied a simple pork dish last week. It is from a lovely posting of "sides" from Proud Italian Cook. There isn't a tastier way to get your vegetables.
And the so-mouth-watering-delicious Pizza Rustica from Finding La Dolce Vita found its way to the table for dinner, breakfast and lunch and has travelled to two colleges.
The open-faced Tuesdays Tacos from Gloria Chadwick's The Food and Flavors of San Antonio - had to be almost doubled the after I made them the first time. I love that all is fresh!
Head over to the Smoky Mountain Cafe for a tasty Rice Casserole. It warmed hearts and tummies at this dinner table. I used it as a side dish. My family used it as thier meal.
And finally, the Banana Chocolate Bread from Orangette has become a staple in this house. For many reasons - but the fact that you can stick it in the freezer and eat it frozen certainly gives it extra points.
Appetizers, desserts, breads, soups, salads - the world of food is literally at my fingertips and I'm enjoying every moment of it. Now if only I get news that Matthew's found an apartment .... just a clean one-bedroom. A garage would be nice .... near a bus line to the university ...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for including my dishes in this delicious list of recipes you made! I'm so happy that the corned beef and the crepes were a success!

Pearl said...

Oh Claudia - i really hope your son finds a nice, safe, secure, well-kept place to live in Fargo, too!

and isn't it cool how bloggers bounce recipe ideas off of one another? i think i haven't been tempted by so many cookbooks because blogging is almost my huge, endless supply of cookbooks! and with FEEDBACK!

Claudia said...

5 Star Foodie: It was my pleasure. I am just so pleased at how many people share all - I don't know if people know what a wealth of fabulous recipes exist in the blogosphere.

Pearl: Thanks for good wishes. I still have your Pomegranate Sorbet (among others bookmarked)!

OhioMom said...

Synchronicity! I was just wondering this morning how many food bloggers actually make and/or re-create the wonderful meals others blog about. I know I have served some great meals and deserts in my home from other's blogs.

I don't eat when I am fretting over my ducklings, but I do tend to cook/bake to distract my thoughts.

Great post!

Gloria Chadwick said...

I was reading your post, thinking that rounding-up what you made from food blogs is a wonderful idea... then I read further and discovered that you made my Tuesday Tacos. You've made my day! Thanks. I'm so glad you enjoyed them. :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I have found many great recipes on blogs! That shrimp dish looks fantastic!



Elyse said...

What an absolutely fabulous post!! I love that you've been cooking/baking from blogs. You're so right: I find so many wonderful, trustworthy recipes from the awesome blogging community. I hope your son's apt search goes well today. I'm crossing my fingers that all goes well.

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

Claudia, can I come live with you next winter? No truer form of flatterly than cooking from other blogs. There are so many wonderful cooks blogging, I don't know about you, but I want to try everything I read.

I hope your son finds a nice, safe place to live!

Claudia said...

Katherine! I forgot your scrumptious rice casserole. How could I do that? My family would never forgive me. I just added it in. Whew. I am taking better notes now.

Sara said...

Glad you liked the salad and scallops! I don't cook from blogs all that much, but I really should.

unconfidential cook said...

I totally agree--food bloggers are the most creative, inspiring, interesting cooks anywhere!

theUngourmet said...

That shrimp dish looks great! I don't make enough seafood!

Thanks for your nice comments over my way!

redmenace said...

What an inspiring post! I'm delighted you enjoy the food blogs! I do too!

Anonymous said...


Reeni said...

I hope things worked out on the apt. scene today! All those dishes sound so yummy! Thank you so much for trying my soup! I'm happy to hear you liked it!

Ginger said...

I really loved reading the recipes that you tried. I loved Heather's Shrimp!! Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

i am so touched that you guys liked my recipe! good luck with the apartment search!!

Proud Italian Cook said...

My you've been busy Claudia! You are so true about the wealth of recipes in the blogosphere. There are so many talented home cooks out there. Thanks for including my carrot dish, I'm so glad you liked it.

Jamie said...

Wonderful blog! And thanks for visiting mine, I love seeing new faces! You and I are so alike, from the "hovering-helicopter" mom syndrome (I love that description) to the turning to food for every emotional up or down.

I now want to try some of those food blog recipes you described! Yum!

Netts Nook said...

What a great list of suggestions. You make everything sound so delish.