Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crunch Time with the Muse

Yes. That's guacamole.

And yes, that is chicken tacos.

And yes, that is a platter of chicken tacos, guacamole, scallions, sour cream, black olives, tortilla chips, salsa and pepper-jack cheese.
Right now, I am blogging about Tex-Mex food in an Italian-food-blog while writing a play that has immersed me in Victorian England.
I am multi-cultural! I am global! I am schizoid.

But doesn't it look good? That is, if I could ever take a proper photo; oh - just take my word for it. It was.
Son is home - usually sleeping. Daughter's holed up in her room studying for chem and physics final. Husband is in some class at the U of MN. I have a deadline and must send Magic Fishbone to staff this week and am living in "Charles-Dickens-Fairy-Tale-World" most of the day and then trying to come to terms with modern new-fangled things like blogging and Facebook in the evenings. After offering up cucumber sandwiches peppered with "blimey" and "fancy," my head is not in a place to work on a complicated recipe. ("Crumpets and tea, anyone?" See, my muse has to get into the act!)
I came across Chicken Tacos courtesy of Chef Bliss which she got from wonderful Gloria Chadwick's book Foods and Flavors of San Antonio.
So you know it has to be good ("righty-O".. "Shh, muse... shh.") The recipe is, of course, in the links! ("You don't say, guv'nor!" "Oy vey, muse!" say I.)
The guacamole has been lightened up a bit:
1 avocado, peeled, and sliced and mashed
1 English cucumber (really, the muse had nothing to do with this) chopped small
4 small tomatoes - seeded and chopped (I rarely seed; I'm on deadline, "What a fine fettle you are!" Sorry. The muse will do what muses do)
Generous squeeze of lime
cumin powder to taste
Tabasco or other hot sauce - to taste
Mash. Eat. ("I dare say, that's first rate." "I'll never blog with the muse again)

salt and pepper - to taste
Back to the play. Ta ta! I mean, "ciao" or do I mean "adios?"

For now.


Foodie with Little Thyme! said...

Love it! It's almost like you are reading my mind. It can get scary in there.
Tacos look wonderful too.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I enjoyed everything I ate in San Antonio when I visitied the city with friends a few years ago --I'd love to go back one day. This all looks so good Caludia --I love spicy food!

Sophie Sportende Foodie said...

Hey my friend! This looks so yummie! I love it!
I love your way of writing!! haha!

Heather S-G said...

hee hee hee...cute (this is my tummy rumbling)! Thanks for the chuckle...funny lady :D

Anonymous said...

Yay for Tex-Mex! The tacos look wonderful!

Wanda..... said...

You're funny too Claudia...I love avocados...from plain to fancy...I eat them with my Italian sphagetti all the time! Thanks for your comments Claudia...are very appreciated by me.

OhioMom said...

LOL .. I love your posts they always make me smile, and I absolutely love guacamole!

Pearl said...

ha i love the trans-cultural food blog!

Reeni said...

How delicious!!! I like your idea of using a cucumber in the quacamole. You've given me a horrible craving for chicken tacos or maybe cucumber sandwiches? Hmmm.

Donna-FFW said...

Claudia.. loooks absolutely delicious. The chicken, the guac, everything. You schizo, nah. Funny, yes.

Juliana said...

You are funny :-) Love the way that you post, very "entertaining"...the guacamole looks yummie! By the way, thanks for visiting my site.

Heather said...

your life sounds so busy right now! glad you're still having time to cook yummy food! i love guacamole!!

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

Not only are you global, you are amazing to be able to juggle everything you have on your "plate" and still make this fantastic meal! Oh how I admire you!

Christina Kim said...

You are indeed multicultural!! I love tex-mex, and yours looks so yummy.

Netts Nook said...

Sometimes the pictures don't turn out like you want this looks great. Love it.

Gloria Chadwick said...

The tacos look wonderful and I bet the cucumber in the guac gives it a nice crunch. Thanks for the link! :)
I love your muse; it does what muses are supposed to do. :)

unconfidential cook said...

You can't be too rich, too thin...or have too much Tex-Mex!

Dimah said...

That looks like a tasty meal! Tacos look wonderful!

Elyse said...

Mmm, you know what, TexMex has a place on every blog--even an Italian food blog whose author is writing a play set in Victorian England :) These tacos look delicious and perfectly comforting. I do hope the play is going well! Studying abroad in London was one of my favorite college experiences; learning all about the historical culture was just fascinating! I can't wait to hear how your play turns out. Sorry that I’ve been an absent commenter; I just finished up my law school exams and am finally getting around to my google reader.

Bunny said...

I've never made chicken tacos, I have to do this it sounds so good!