Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Marvelous Muffaletta

What happens when your play lands in the Principal's office and you are waiting to see if six months worth of work is going to be produced? And you decide to have a yard sale because the college "stuff" from the kids dormitories has made rooms unusable? And you start teaching theatre to grades 1-6 and find grades 1-3 exhaust you so you need to nap?
And your son comes home from North Dakota for the weekend salivating for some homemade meals? And then you walk out your door to run errands thinking, "I'll blog tomorrow. I'll visit tomorrow. I'll vacuum - tomorrow." And you step out the door and your ankle twists. You sink to the ground - with the door still open, the blind dog trying to get out, the kitten trying to escape and you watch this technicolor softball develop on the side of your ankle. In slow motion. Well, that was my week. I was awarded the prize for the biggest, most colorful soft tissue in the emergency room.
Frozen pesto is my best friend. Really - the dog could cook dinner - well if she could see. And then there's marvelous muffaletta. Buy your favorite kind of bread - Italian, ciabbata, French, rosemary and olive oil.... dig out some of the white doughy parts (and eat it on the sly). Then fill with olive salad or chopped olives or both and lettuces. On the other side, fill with roasted red peppers. Douse all with some oil and vinegar. And layer: ham, roast beef, mortadella, salamis, prosciutto, provolone, mozzarella, Parmesan - whatever suits your fancy. Close the sandwich and wrap in foil and smush it all down. And warm it a bit - so all sticks together. Or put a heavy weight on it (really, a brick will do) and stick it in the fridge until ready to serve.

Serve hot, warm, cold, make extras for leftovers and feel proud that you could do this even if your right ankle is four times bigger than your left ankle. Even if you're having the worst, no-good-horrible day ever. Even if you wake up the next morning with a cold for the first time in two years. To add to your swollen misery. The muffaletta will see you through.


Heather S-G said...

Oh no!! I hope you are feeling better soon. This Muffaletta is calling my name....I would love a big wedge of this delicious, healing sammie :D

Lyndas recipe box said...

I so hope that you are better and that the swelling has gone down. This was not your week, but this Muffaletta is wonderful! I could really enoy it now, right before bed.

Barbara GF said...

Oh, my. I hope you recover quickly, Claudia. I think you nailed it with this muffaletta, though. I could sink my teeth into that right now!

Wanda..... said...

You and your muffaletta can come see me anyday Claudia...I hope your ankle heals quickly and completely...I broke my ankle in 3 places last took 6 mos. to heal...started blogging while I good does come from bad....

How do some manage to post on their blogs everyday? I certainly can't!

Pamela said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle and all of the other mishaps and exhaustion of your week. This muffaltetta does indeed look marvelous, though!

Jamie said...

Oh, man, what a horrible week! But this is just the kind of food to make anyone feel better. Just make sure you eat a piece of this with your feet up.

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

Oh Claudia, I am so sorry to hear about your ankle! I hope your ankle is on the mend.

I am drooling over your muffaletta. Muffalettas were a weekly tradition when we lived in N.O.

Anonymous said...

I hope your ankle will be feeling better soon! The muffaletta looks fabulous, so yummy!

Mary Bergfeld said...

I do hope your ankle is better. Your sandwich is gorgeous. It looks and sounds delicious.

Nancy said...

I hope your ankle is feeling better!

I tried muffaletta for the first time in New Orleans last year, and have been intending to make one at home ever since. Thanks for the inspiration - looks delicious!

unconfidentialcook said...

I am so making this. As you know, I love sandwiches, I've always wanted to make a muffaletta and now I know how. Thanks!!!
Hope your ankle is better!

Juliana said...

Oh! Hope you fell better...Muffaletta...remind me my trips to New Orleans...yummie!

Bunny said...

Oh my word Claudia! What a week you've had!!! This muffaletta is wonderful! I could eat 1/2 of it myself! Yesterday was a rotten day, first my glasses fell apart at work,I called my hubby to please take them to the eye doctor to see if they could fix such luck so I'm at work trying to work with numbers that I can't see! Then I came home and the computer is toast. My hubby went out and got me another one cause in his words " I'm not living in this house with you without a computer! Smart little guy don't you think!! LOL!!!! Hope you feel better soon Claudia!!

Katy ~ said...

Mercy, woman! I hope you are doing better. It was a cosmic hint to tell you to slooooow down a bit, I think!

The muffaletta looks magnificence! I needed to make a sandwich for a potluck, this is a super duper idea!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Ouch! I thought maybe you were away on a nice trip.... so sorry to hear it was an injury that kept you busy ;-(

Hope you heal quickly!

Your Muffaltta looks fantastic! it would be a greta meal for a football weekend or an apple picking picnic. I just love all those cold cuts..yum!

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Sophie Sportende Foodie said...

Oooooh,...I hope you feel better very soon, Claudia!!

Wow,..this Muffaletta looks superb!! I love evry ingredient too!

Excellent for a picnic in the park in autumn too!

Reeni said...

I'm sorry for all your mishaps!! This muffaletta is not one of them!! My mouth is watering on sight. This looks incredible!! Hope your ankle is feeling better!

Peter @ italyMONDO! said...

Sounds like it couldn't be any easier.... or any tastier! :-)

JJP said...

This is Michael's idea of food porn. I may have to make it! Sounds awesome and easy! I worship at the alter of frozen pesto as well.

zerrin said...

Hope you're better now. I love such filling foods. This Muffaletta looks perfect for a lunch!

figtree said...

This muffaletta makes me want to cry..oh my it loooks so good. Figtreeapps

OysterCulture said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about the abrupt change in plans with the sprained ankle. Having had my share I can commiserate that its a heck of a set back. However if its any consolation, that muffaletta looks incredible. I was not craving one before - but definitely am now.

My Little Space said...

Oh...Poor Claudia! However, I guess your ankle is all well by now! And that bread looks awesome.